Vinyl Wraps

Colour Change Wraps

Give your vehicle a new lease of life with a full colour change

wrap. The options are endless with new colours &

finishes being released all the time. We have hundreds of swatches from the best vinyl suppliers in the world so you are sure to find the colour of your dreams.

Wraps are not only a fun and versatile way to change the look of a vehicle, they actually protect the paintwork too! Looked after properly they can last for several years and when removed the paint will be as fresh as before installation. 

Printed & Commercial Wraps

2020-10-27 21.28.40.jpg

The ultimate advertising tool for businesses with fleets out on the road. Want to really stand out from your competition and be remembered by thousands of potential customers a day? Then you need a printed wrap on your vehicles. Pretty much any pattern or branding can be designed by our team and printed in house & installed by our experienced wrap technicians. 

There is a lot more to vehicle wraps than just big stickers, and our team of trained specialists will help you design around important features making sure your message transfers onto any vehicle. We will produce full colour visual proofs and discuss the right materials suitable for your wrap so you can see exactly what the vehicle will look like before anything is printed.

As with colour change wraps, a printed wrap will protect paintwork from stone chips and scratches making them ideal for leased company vehicles. Many big companies are realising the advantages of having an attractive, eye catching fleet advertising their brand while simply driving around doing their daily jobs. It really is one of the most cost effective advertising tools around today.

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2019-09-08 16.35.24.jpg
2020-08-13 14.07.07.jpg

Accent Wraps

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2017-01-24 11.03.24.jpg
2020-12-29 15.43.34.jpg
2019-11-22 20.34.26.jpg

Using vinyl to customise accent parts of a vehicle can really create a show stopping car. From wing mirrors, badges, bonnets and roofs, almost any part of a car can be colour coordinated to the owners wishes.

We will discuss the options available and whether wrapping is the best solution to achieve the desired effect. 

Please note it is not always possible to wrap certain shapes or textures and as every vehicle is different we recommend booking an appointment with us to discuss the project in person.