How much is it to wrap my car/van?

This depends on a lot of different factors. We are not usually able to give a quote without a consultation meeting with you to discuss what it is you are looking to achieve and what your budget is. We also ask to see the vehicle in question and discuss what vinyl/colour(s) is required for the job as this can also affect the cost.

Does vinyl damage the paint?

If good quality vinyl is used and applied correctly then no! We only use the best vinyl manufacturers so you can be assured your vehicle will be in safe hands. In fact, vinyl can protect the paintwork from light scratches and stone chips making it ideal for leased vehicles.

How long does vinyl last?

If looked after properly vinyl can last anywhere between 5-7 years depending on the manufacturer. We will always advise the best way to look after your wrap or vinyl graphics.

Can wraps be easily removed?

If the wrap has been applied correctly and good quality vinyl has been used then the wrap can be removed safely with no damage to the vehicle. However, we cannot guarantee safe removal of a wrap we have not installed as other factors such as paint condition when installed and age of the vinyl cannot be known.

What is the design process?

We have highly skilled graphic designers who have vast experience in designing graphics and wraps for vehicles so we will work with you to come up with a design you love that suits your budget. If you don't know what you want we can sit down for a consultation and discuss the best colours and materials for your vehicle.

Have a look at our handy design guide to see some of the most popular layouts to give you an idea of what can be achieved or check out our gallery to see what we have created in the past. 

How long will you need my vehicle?

For simple graphics and sign writing we can usually complete within a day but for full and half wraps we could need the vehicle for up to 5 days. We usually ask for a vehicle to be dropped off the night before to allow it to acclimatise and dry inside the unit as the weather can delay installation if the vehicle is delivered wet.

Can I wait while the work is carried out?

Due to health and safety we do not allow customers to wait with their vehicles and require them to be dropped off and collected when complete.

Do I need to inform my insurance & the DVLA?

Yes you should always inform your insurance when any modifications are made to a vehicle as it could void your policy if not disclosed. If you are changing the colour then you need to inform the DVLA by sending in the V5 notifying them of the new colour.

Does the vehicle need to be clean before coming to you?

Ideally we request that the vehicle is clean and dry before dropping off. However, we know that this is not always possible in the UK with unpredictable weather conditions so don't worry if it's not spotless. We just ask that is is not covered in dirt and that no waxes or polishes have been used as this could prevent the vinyl from adhering properly.

My vehicle has been ceramic coated, can it be wrapped or have graphics applied?

Due to the nature of ceramic coatings being designed to repel anything sticking to the paintwork then no we would not recommend any vinyl to be applied onto them. We cannot be held responsible for vinyl failure if you don't disclose that there has been ceramic coating applied prior to installation. The coating must be removed by a professional detailer before we can apply any graphics or wrap.

I've bought some vinyl online, can you install it for me?

Usually we will decline to install vinyl or graphics that we have not produced ourselves as we cannot guarantee the make or quality of the vinyl. There are lots of cheap vinyl products available online and they can shrink, crack and damage paintwork so we would rather use quality products that we know are safe and will last on your vehicle.